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"I just wanted to say that the tax preparation course for the IRS exam was well worth it, the layout was exactly the same as the test and the prep questions helped me to better grasp what the intent of the question might be."
-C. E. Jones 

“I can stop the video, go back and watch it again, and take as much time as I need to gain the information from the speaker.  I really enjoyed the course.”
-E. Bernard

"I must say, Mr. Bart Basi was great!  I enjoyed all the valuable and helpful information he provided during the entire course."
- M. Sanchez

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank My Tax Courses Online for creating an affordable and easy to follow online class for tax return preparers. 

When I first learned that preparers would have to take a course, I  was a bit intimidated.  It has been a long time since I have been "tested".  I wanted to take a live class instead of an online class.  I did not think I would follow through on an online class, but would be bored and sidetracked while trying to learn the information needed to pass the test.  I stumbled upon your website, among others,  while searching for nearby live class. I saw that you offered a full refund within 30 days, and filled out the information for  "special discounts"  Your sales reps called me, and told me about the guarantee to pass the test or your money back and I purchased the combined program on July 18, 2012.  Today, one week later I have complete the ethics, the tax updates and am on phase three of the portion.  The 30 minute sessions, with the short knowledge tests, were informative and effective.  The speaker keeps your attention.    I would highly recommend this program to any preparer who needs to take the , and in fact was so impressed by the program I sent an email to my sister who is a tax practitioner in Michigan after my first day of online classes!! 

Also, your staff is informative, professional and friendly!

Thanks for creating a great product"
- R. Glynn

I completed the 15 hours of required tax courses on Aug 4, 2012.  I found the material was thorough and really liked that I could take the lessons in 30 min segments. I have recommended this course to other preparers and will come back next year for other courses.
- F. Carl

Like many independent tax preparers, I was very stressed out over the new IRS requirements of 15 credits of continuing education [CE] and the competency test by 2013.  I was studying a different CE program which consisted of a 400 page manual for 7 credits and another large book to achieve the other 8 credits.  I was so discouraged.  After I was contacted by My Tax Courses Online and ordered their CE video program, I felt a sense of relief and encouragement because of the way the program is presented.  In just one week, I have five [5] of the fifteen [15] credits completed with a certificates to prove that I completed the ethics and tax update portion of CE.  If all goes well as I expect it to, I will contact to sign up for the IRS test preparation.
- C. Springer-Boyd

I am a former CPA, IRS audit manager, international examiner, and large case auditor (at the IRS). The 2 hour online course I completed this morning is one of the very best professional education courses I have ever encountered.  Thank you so much.
- H. R. Rice



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